If you use your creativity, even the most basic bathroom can appear great. if you’ve got a tight budget and your bathroom is boring, you should skip those state-of-the-art showerheads and costly lighting fixtures. All you need is to be creative. Or you can always hire professional kitchen and bath remodeling Lake Forest services to help you out. 

If you’ve got a tight budget, you can make your bathroom updated and cool by using your creativity and imagination. Here are a couple of tips you can follow for your next bathroom remodel project.   


Sometime in the late 90s, wallpaper was considered boring. However, it is now back and homeowners love it a lot. A very well-known way to utilize wallpaper nowadays is to wallpaper a single wall of your bathroom and paint the rest. If you want to achieve the cool element that you’re searching for without spending too much money, you should try this tip during your next bathroom remodel. 

Odd Sink 

In 2018, unusual, weird, and antique sink styles were a huge trend. Today, Homeowners are re-purposing things such as barn troughs, barrels, metal basins, and old wooden creates to produce one-of-a-kind and unique sinks for their bathroom. 

Record Player 

A record player is perhaps the definition of being a hippy. This is particularly true with the millennial rebirth of vinyl. You could purchase a quite cheap record player that copies actual vinyl. However, it has the amazing look of a record player. Thus, you can prevent getting humidity and moisture on your actual records.  

Odd Paint Color 

A cheap and easy way to make your bathroom appear cool is to pick a unique or weird paint color. To make things a lot better, you can try choosing 3 to 4 colors that stand out and complement each other. Try yellows and bright reds or a rich teal and a deep orange. It is an extremely bohemian look. We all know that it’s cool to have a bohemian-themed bathroom. 

Art Mural 

Nothing is more eye-catching, creative, and personalized than a mural that covers the whole wall of your bathroom. All you’ve got to spend is money for the paint. Then, all you need is your imagination. You can make the wall of your bathroom your canvas. It can make your bathroom appear very cool. Also, you shouldn’t stress about needing to be an excellent painter or artist. You should create the mural with expression and feel. Also, you should not worry about it having to be very brilliant or life-like.  

Special Plants 

You can get creative even with plants. You should try an over-sized hanging plant or a bonsai tree if you’ve got the space in your bathroom. Utilizing a plant for your featured design style will actually set a refreshing and natural tone in your bathroom. 

Funky Shower Curtain 

Nowadays, there are a lot of options for interesting and unique shower curtains thanks to the internet. Anything from colorful and busy patterns to your favorite painting, you can find about anything that fits your needs and your preferences for a cool shower curtain.