Whether you are selecting a fridge for your new house or replacing your outdated or worn appliance, you can quickly discover that there’s a large group of different refrigerator features, sizes and styles. Prior to selecting your new refrigerator, take your time to research and study different options to make your investment worthwhile. The following are some guidelines to aid you to find the best style of refrigerator for your new house aside from getting a professional refrigerator repair La Jolla service for best suggestions: 

Style Choices 

Improve your lifestyle by selecting the best refrigerator for your new house and family, from among these choices: 

Top Freezer 

The most usual type of fridge on the market nowadays, as well as the one which has been in the industry for the longest time. 


  • Most economical option. 
  • Door mount might be adjusted to the right as necessary. 
  • Separate doors for freezer and fridge compartments permit for more temperature consistency in every area.  


  • Compact design that is perfectly suited for smaller spaces. 
  • No frills design. 
  • You will require to bend to access a lot of portions of your refrigerator. 
  • Lack of features like water and ice dispensers. 

Bottom Freezer 

This enhancement project is increasingly popular as well as cost slightly greater compared to the top freezer model. 


  • Freezer compartments have a different door. 
  • Refrigerator section is basically bigger compared to top freezer models. 
  • Refrigerated goods are stored at the level of your eye.  


  • Bending is needed to access the compartment of the freezer. 
  • Lack of ice and water dispenser. 
  • Freezer drawer might be complicated to organize. 

Side by Side 

Separate or different vertical compartments give the ultimate model in the business. 


  • Bigger freezer capacity compared to bottom or top mount models 
  • Optional ice and water dispensers. 
  • Superior access to freezer goods. 
  • Decreased door swing is very good for kitchens with small clearance. 


  • Deep bending is needed to have an access to refrigerator goods on lower shelves. 
  • It might be a bit tricky to keep bigger items inside. 
  • Smaller fridge capacity. 

French Door 

Superior storage capabilities, a wide range of finishes and a stylish design make this model one of the most popular choices.  


  • Biggest refrigerator capacity. 
  • 2 narrow doors help to enhance room flow.  
  • Adjustable shelving. 
  • Optional ice and water dispenser. 
  • Ideal for bulky or large items like food trays. 


  • The doors of the refrigerator are heavy and might be slightly hard to maneuver.  
  • Biggest price tag. 
  • Bottom compartment of the freezer needs bending to access. 

Additional Considerations 

The most perfect styles for your new house are those that fulfill all your necessities, based on the following factors: 


Carefully measure the portion where your new machine will stay and allow it for a lot of inches of top, side and either back in order to promote air circulation. 

Food Habits 

If you regularly cook fresh ingredients, a bottom freezer may suit best for you. 


Consider the dynamics and need of your family, whether physical limits might prevent simple access to family members like the elderly or small children.